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Pesticide residue testing

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Vietnam is known for long standing agriculture development with many worldwide agriculture export products such as rice, cashew, coffee, spices, vegetables… Tremendous productive benefits have been derived from the use of pesticide nowadays. On the other hands, consumption of pesticide residues has been linked to several adverse impacts on human health. Pesticide testing takes important part in export process especially to countries have stringent regulations about maximum residue limit (MRL) such as Japan, Europe, and America.

Chemical and Biology MRL regulations No. 46/2007/QĐ-BYT issued by Ministry of Health in Vietnam has clearly defined MRL. The European Commission fixes MRLs for all food and animal feed. Regulation EC 396/2005 and amendments legislation MRLs apply to 315 fresh products and to the same product after processing, adjusted to take account of dilution or concentration during the process.

Pesticide testing at Eurofins Sac Ky Hai Dang

Eurofins Sac Ky Hai Dang has invested in modern equipment:  GC-MS/MS, LC-Ms/MS, GC-ECD, GC-FPD, GC-NCI-MS.

Pesticide analyses based on QUECHERS method: Quick Easy Cheap Effective Rugged Safe. We developed group pesticide testing: chlor, phosphor, Permethrin, carbamate, dithiocarrbamate… with international methods like AOAC, EN, ISO… Especially we offer over 500 substances pesticide screening package that helps detect substances excess MRL Đặc biệt chúng tôi cung cấp gói tầm soát thuốc trừ sâu trên 500 chất với giới hạn định lượng thấp giúp phát hiện các chất vượt mức MRLs theo quy định của các thị trường khó tính.

Why Eurofins Sac Ky Hai Dang?

Eurofins Sac Ky Hai Dang is an independent testing laboratory with more than 10 certificates from the BOA and the authorities competent state such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry  and Trade, Ministry of Natures Resources and Environment.

Eurofins Sac Ky Hai Dang (Formerly know as Sac Ky Hai Dang) with nearly 10 years of testing experience: have high level experts and technicians with many modern equipment and machinery, focus on research and development, apply information systems exclusive Eurofins  - LIMs (Laboratory Information Management Systems) though every stages.

Eurofins Sac Ky Hai Dang is belonging to Eurofins Scientific network of over 650 laboratories in more than 45 countries in world wide. Our experts are always update the rules and regulations in any countries as well as others to advise the suitable analytical methods. We coordinate with the world’s leading pesticide analysis EUROFINS Dr. Specht in Hamburg, Germany; EUROFINS Central Analytical (CAL) in New Orleans (USA), EUROFINS Chemical Control in Cuneo (Italy), Eurorfins Food & Ago in Lidkoping (Sweden) or EUROFINS Wolverhampton (UK) to provide optimal solutions for customers .

-       Accurate and reliable results.

-       Quality is the top concern

-       Best service with flexible TAT ( normal test, quickly test, emergency test)

-       Diverse samples matrices

-       Accurate results, reliable, meet the MRL of the difficult markets such as Japan, America, Europe.